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We Hire Experienced and Talented
Remote Staff

Hindavi screens thousands of profiles and selects the best (top 2%) experienced and talented candidates for remote work. Hindavi has employed the best processes and policies to ensure fair practices and delivery results. From retaining the best talent to providing daily work-reports to the clients - Hindavi manages all operational load and assists the client in cultivating a focused and result driven approach.

Staff Augmentation
Augment your resource capacity by employing the best resources for ongoing projects.
Offshore Staffing
Achieve a higher ROI by engaging the best candidates for remote work.
IT Outsourcing
Let our team manage the entire project within your budget and time constraints.
Challenges are just opportunities in disguise. Let's explore together !
How we work

How we help your
business succeed

04 Steps

01. Understand resource requirement
(creation of job descriptions)
02. Talent & Acquisition
(less than 2% applications get selected)
03. Daily Reporting
(direct access to dedicated resources)
04. Operations Management
(best work standards, business ethics and management)

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